Peoria Rivermen Hockey Team

Peoria Rivermen Hockey Team

The Peoria Rivermen Hockey team is based in Peoria and the team has played in the Southern Professional Hockey League (Minor Professional hockey) since 2013. The Rivermen’s home base is the Carver Arena in the Peoria Civic Center.

This is actually the third franchise that uses the name “Peoria Rivermen” as they started off in October 2005. it is, in fact, the oldest hockey franchise extant in the minor league previously playing under the names the Springfield Indians and the Worcester IceCatsand.

Overall. the franchise is the fourth oldest in the National Hockey League behind the Canadian teams Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs, and the US Boston Bruins.

The Peoria Rivermen is among North America’s longest-running hockey teams and they have been continuously operational since the season of 1982-83 when they played in the International Hockey League as the Peoria Prancers.

The Rivermen played in the International Hockey Leauge from 1982 to 1996, in the East Coast Hockey League from 1996 to 2005), in the American Hockey League from 2005 to 2013, and in the Southern Professional Hockey League from 2013 to today.  The East Coast Hockey League was established in 1996 and the Peoria Rivermen are holding longest winning streak in American professional Hockey at 18 games in the 1991 season.

The Rivermen’s home base is the Carver Arena, the centerpiece of the Peoria Civic Center and the team colors are blue, red, and yellow. After a recent renovation, the Carver Arena holds more than 11,000 seats though, it must be said, these are not always fully occupied at the Rivermen’s matches.  The Rivermen’s logo is a steamboat captain in a steering wheel.

Previously (from 1982 to 1984), the franchise was known under the name The Peoria Prancers to be replaced by the name Peoria Rivermen when they played in the ECHL from 1996 to 2005.

Peoria Rivermen Hockey Hall of Fame

The Rivermen Hall of Fame was founded in 1991 to recognize, celebrate, and honor the ones who, through their outstanding contributions and achievements, deserve to be highlighted in this Peoria house of professional hockey.

The Rivermen Hockey Hall of Fame has two wings. In wing one, the players and coaches are honored and in wing two where individuals known for their personal contributions to the Rivermen and Central Illinois professional hockey, in general, are honored. Read more about the City of Peoria here.

All inductees are officially enshrined at a ceremony that takes place on the ice at a Rivermen match. The first inductees class to be honored for their contributions and outstanding achievements were players Doug Evanshead and Darrell May, and coach Pat Kelly. They all were part of the IHL Turner Cup Championship team in 1985.

Here are some Peoria Rivermen statistics.
Home Arena: Peoria Civic Center-Carver Arena
Founded in 2005
Head Coach: Davis Payne
General Manager: Kevin McDonald
League: American Hockey League
Conference: Western Conference
Division: West Division
Owner: Sports Capital Partners Worldwide
Bloomington PrairieThunder (IHL)
Alaska Aces (ECHL)
St. Louis Blues (NHL)

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