Peoria Irish Fest

Peoria Irish Fest

Everybody can be Irish if they want at Peoria Irish Fest. Peoria Irish Fest: August 24-25-26, 2018

The Irish Communities of Peoria and surrounding areas will come together again for one of America’s largest Irish festivals, and certainly the most important one in the Midwest. Formerly named Erin Feis, Peoria’s Irish Fest is featuring Irish music and food, cultural displays, the finest shopping, and the best entertainment on no less than five stages, and athletes from Irish descent will be competing in Irish Highland Games.

So come to Peoria on 24, 25, and 26 August and be as Irish as you possibly can to enjoy one of the finest Irish festivals in America’s Midwest. Take also a look of this video recording of the performance of Socks in the Frying Pan (2015):

You’ll really love what the organizers have planned to please you! There is outstanding dance, play, and music. Celtic culture will galore through exhibits, Highland Games, and some interesting interactive workshops and sessions, and there’ll be delicious food and refreshing drinks. So let’s see what laughs and memories the organizers have in store for you at the 2018 Peoria Irish Fest!

Fortunately, in the calendar, the Peoria Irish Fest falls right between two large Irish festivals in America, the Milwaukee Irish Fest (always on the 3rd weekend in August), and Irish Fest in Kansas City (always on Labor Day weekend). These big Irish festivals are always drawing over 100,000 visitors and feature the best performers on numerous stages.

So if you’ve never been to one of these events, just go! You’ll have an incredible experience, and the organizers of Peoria Irish Fest have made contacts with many performing acts while attending these festivals. They talked to (and learned a lot from) many organizing committees at the other Celtic fests which served as a great resource. The Peoria organizers are always looking out for bands or acts that are “on the rise,” and who want or need maximum exposure. This attitude has brought bands like Socks in the Frying Pan and Slide to the Peoria festival.

Great acts performing in Kansas City or/and Milwaukee are often looking to Peoria to perform here before, in between, or after their shows in those cities, but the competition is also very active. There are more cities in the Midwest that host their Celtic Festivals on exactly the same weekend as Peoria does. Dubuque. IA has its Irish Hooley Fest, Madison, WI offers the city’s Mad Gael Music Festival, and in Joliet, IL you’ll find Will County’s Celtic Fest. So you see…plenty to enjoy but the competition is stiff!

Well, each one of these festivals will get its share of the Irish bands. Lasts year, Peoria, the hometown of Abraham Lincoln, was proud to present newcomer Cuig, and the city’s old friends Goitse and Whiskey of the Damned (from Milwaukee) showed up at the Peoria Festival after performing in Milwaukee. This is actually a pattern which has become pretty normal over the past years.

It is, in fact, due to this “convenient calendaring” that the Peoria festival has been able to land some “big name” artists at several occasions. Gaelic Storm, for example, performed at the Peoria Festival in 2011 as they were “on their way” from one festival to another. The same is true for the 2010 and 2013 shows of the Red Hot Chili Pipers and the 2015 performance of We Banjo 3.

All these performances were actually the result of the fact that the Peoria festival is “in between of” or “en route to” other big festivals. We remember all these great performances by those big artists as real “WOW!” moments! When you’re visiting the area, you may also check out some more Peoria highlights.

Will these big names ever return to the Peoria Fest? Well, every year the organizers try hard with the same approach and attitude of “Never say never.” They try their darnedest to book the bands and artists that they know you would like to hear and see, and you never know where the chips fall.

They are frequently talking with some “big bands” that were in Peoria in previous years, but some just have become too expensive for the Peoria budget. But often, the organizers of Peoria have had some good luck in booking artists and bands that, after putting on a really good show, would like to return to Peoria for the next year. For information about Peoria, check out this post.

You’ll love the 2018 Peoria Irish Fest lineup

The organizers of the Peoria event have looked far and wide and are bringing you some of the finest names and the best performers to enjoy. Make sure you’ll be aware of the organization’s performances schedules of the bands’ page and on which stage they’re at. So get well informed on who is performing when and on which stage! Then you will have the time of your life in Peoria this year!

Check out this year’s Stage Schedule:

North Stage

5:00 pm – Daimh
7:00 pm – High Kings
9:00 pm – Seven Nations


5:15 pm – Duffy’s Revenge
7:15 pm – Outside Track
9:15 pm – The Elders

The Snug

4:15 pm – Roundstone Buskers
6:15 pm – Paddy Homan
8:15 pm – Paddy Homan and the Noble Call

Saturday, Aug 25

North Stage

1:00 pm – Turas
3:00 pm – Outside Track
5:00 pm – The Elders
7:00 pm – Daimh
9:00 pm – Seven Nations


11:30 am – Skibbereen
1:15 pm – Paddy Homan
3:15 pm – Logical Fleadh
5:15 pm – Kennedy’s Kitchen
7:15 pm – Switchback
9:15 pm – Paddy Homan

The Snug

12:15 pm – Shanties
2:15 pm – John Kennedy
4:15 pm – Daimh
6:15 pm – Character Fleadh
8:15 pm – Outside Track

NOTE: All performances, times, and stages are subject to changes without prior notice.

Sunday, Aug 26

North Stage

10:30 am – Catholic Mass, Switchback
12:15 pm – Outside Track
2:00 pm – The High Kings
4:00 pm – Daimh
6:00 pm – The Scattering


11:45 am – Bogside Zukes
1:30 pm – Kennedy’s Kitchen
3:15 pm – Switchback
4:30 pm – The McDowells

The Snug

12:00 am – Character Fleadh
2:00 pm – Paddy Homan and the Noble Call
4:00 pm – John Kennedy

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