Illinois Low-Income Support

Illinois Low-Income Support

Energy Assistance Programs

The state of Illinois understands that the rising costs of energy can create a financial problem for many low-income families. In order to help conserve energy and ease the burden of high energy bills, the Department of Commerce and Community Affairs has created these two energy assistance programs.

The first program is the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which will help eligible low-income families pay for winter heating bills. The Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program (IHWAP) is the second program provided by DCCA, which will repair homes to make them energy efficient.

  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program (IHWAP)
  • Illinois Homeless Shelter Energy Conservation Program

In cooperation with the Illinois Department of Public Aid, DCCA provides grants and technical assistance to providers of shelter to the homeless. Grants allow the providers to reduce utility costs and use the savings to supplement their budgets for other services to the homeless. For information call 217-785-7440. I bet you, the Presidents of Illinois are or would have been proud of these programs!

Low-Income Assistance

To make sure that low-income families are given the opportunity to succeed, DCCA provides them with the Community Services Block Grant ProgramĀ (CSBG). This program will help them achieve self-sufficiency through skills, knowledge, and motivation.

DCCA is also involved in the Emergency Shelter Grant ProgramĀ (ESGP). The ESGP provides funds to homeless shelters to create safer and cleaner environments for homeless people while providing supportive assistance to improve their situation.

Environmental Regulations, Permits, and Licenses

The Environmental Services Directory is an online database of companies that provide Environmental Services in Illinois.

Upon entering the directory, a listing of services will be available and there’s also information on sports learning facilities in and around Peoria, Illinois. You will find four different ways to view the information, broken up by company name, expertise, city, and county.

The Introduction to the Environmental Services is also available within the directory. This will give you an explanation of the site as well as contact information if you require further assistance.

  • Conserving energy at home saves you money and helps protect the environment!
  • Saving energy in the workplace can increase your business’ profit margin!
  • Learning to use energy wisely as a kid can help save our planet and impact your future as an adult!

Ethanol – A Clean Renewable Fuel: Alternative & Renewable Energy

Through its Alternative Energy Research, Development and Demonstration Program, DCCA is working with agricultural and industrial organizations across Illinois to actively promote and expand the use of ethanol as a clean, renewable transportation fuel. You can find many other Illinois facts on this page but the real fact of the matter is that Illinois leads the nation in corn and ethanol production.
DCCA manages ethanol test and demonstration projects designed to encourage economic growth in both industrial manufacturing and rural communities. DCCA also sponsors the research and development of new and innovative technologies to help reduce ethanol production costs and to develop new value-added products. For information about Peoria Irish Fest that takes place annually in August, check out this post.

  • DCCA has funded a series of demonstrations to develop and test a new ethanol fuel blend known as E-Diesel. If this fuel blend can achieve the same nationwide market share as happened with ethanol-blended gasoline, the ethanol demand could be increased by over 760 million gallons on an annual basis utilizing an extra 310 million bushels of corn annually.
  • DCCA and the U.S. Department of Energy are promoting the development of ethanol-powered fuel cells through a joint project between Caterpillar, Williams Bio-Energy and Nuvera Fuel Cells. The fuel cell developed under this project will provide electrical power for the Williams Bio-Energy visitor’s center in Pekin.
  • Illinois continues to promote E-85 (an 85 percent ethanol fuel) by purchasing flexible-fuel vehicles for use in the state fleet and by establishing new E-85 fueling stations. Increased use of E-85 fuel helps to expand the domestic market for the Illinois-based renewable fuel. Check out also this article about the rich history of Abraham Lincoln’s Home Town.
  • Construction of a $20 million National Ethanol Research Pilot Plant at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. The plant will produce ethanol like a private manufacturer, but lease space and time to private companies and other universities to test their technological ideas and inventions.

Alternative Sources

  • Ethanol–A Clean Renewable Fuel: Alternative & Renewable Energy
  • Facts About “E diesel” Fuels

Renewable Energy Grant and Rebate Applications

  • Renewable Energy Grant Applications
  • Renewable Energy Rebate Applications

Summary of Ethanol Projects in Illinois

  • Adkins Energy LLC Ethanol Production Plant
  • Cellulose to Ethanol Project
  • Corn Oil Extraction Membrane System
  • E diesel Fleet Test and Demonstration Programs
  • Ethanol Fuel-Cell Bus Program
  • The Ethanol Research Pilot Plant
  • State of Illinois E-85 Vehicle Fleet Demonstration Project
  • Stationary Ethanol Fuel Cell Project at Williams Energy

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